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Here you find some Whitepapers, not only the ones of Graphene Blockchains. We found some other interesting material.

Blurt Whitepaper[edit]

The Blurt whitepaper is under development. Read the draft here. For advanced Blockchain Specialists: The forestanding URL guides to an editor. On Blurt, we live in an open contribution and proposal system. If you like, write down additional information.

The above URL leads to an editor. At Blurt we live in an open contribution- and suggestion system. Write down additional information if you want.

Steem Witepapers[edit]

Steem Whitepaper March 2016[edit]

The very first Whitepaper of the bloggers blockchain Steem was written by Dan Larimer and Ned Scott. Full of revolutionary ideas it attracts bloggers, investors and all the potential users of content producing economy. The kernel of the technical base is neither called Proof of Work, nor Proof of Stake, it is the real existing, on blockchains new invented Proof of Brain.

Steem Whitepaper August 2017[edit]

The second Whitepaper was needed to be written because lot of Hardforks has changed the system. Please also notice the announcement of this second paper by Steemit Inc. There you can quickly see the reasons why the 1st version was obsolete.

Smart Media Token Whitepaper 2017[edit]

Several popular token protocols, such as Ethereum’s ERC-20, allow to create and launch own arbitrary tokens. But no protocol enables content producing organisations to leverage such tokens to align incentives between users and applications of such a blockchain. Unfortunally the development of SMTs stuck in testing and got not ready for a launch.

Other Blockchains Papers[edit]

Bitcoin Whitepaper[edit]

A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System, by Satoshi Nakamoto (satoshin@gmx.com, www.bitcoin.org)

EOS White Papers & Blockchain philosophy[edit]

Next Poject of the Steem developer Daniel Larimer, after he left Steemit Inc.


Steem Bluepaper 2017[edit]

You can read also:[edit]

The missing Whitepaper[edit]

Written by Daniel Larimer, alias @dantheman.