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Welcome to Blogger's Almanac[edit]

your preferred blockchain helper for further information about blockchain Blurt. It is one step to official Blurt FAQ from here. The whole site is forever under construction because of hardforks and the steady enhancement of developers, technic, even though it is already full of information today. The site is dedicated to all Blurtians to help them learn all about their blockchain. To become a successful blogger or witness or developer. Return to this page at any time by clicking on the "Main page" link in the main menu. Bookmark the site, you will need it if you are a real blogger in development.

If you find a mistake, don't talk about – just fix it! Every blogger is invited to contribute. Just double click write, make corrections and take part in this FAQ event of the Blurt's community! You don't have to create an account, but you always can if you want to. Misusers will be blocked.

The FAQ will grow to be The Bloggers Almanac. The Table of Contents will help to navigate entire 'FAQ. It is issued by @afrog, dean of The Pond Institute for Proof of Brain studies. The Blurts Almanac is a migration of the Steem FAQ, Ver. 2017.


FAQ – The Bloggers Almanac[edit]

This enhanced FAQ provides useful information for beginners as well as for experienced bloggers. It's for all those in need of a quick hint and is based on the original Steem FAQ from 2017. We have dispensed with question marks, because here is nothing but questions. We also have dispensed with backlinks. A blogger knows where the browser's back button is located.

  • Your FAQ is to contribute, at least by reading, giving hints as to what else should been kept at this place, and of course [ asking questions]. Thank you for your contribution.
  • Best practice: If you have a question, go to FAQ, press CTRL+F, write down keyword and jump by browser's buttons up and down. No matter where your cursor is, you will find a answer.



Blurt Helpdesk 24/7[edit]

Help needed? No problem!

  • First ask FAQ – The Bloggers Almanac. If this doesn't help,
  • Go to Blurt-Discord server thread #helpdesk. If you are new to Discord, follow the invitation-link to the Discord Blurt Server. If you got a Discord login already login.
  • After Signup or Login to Blurt Discord, change the thread to #helpdesk (left column)
  • Inside the Thread you will always meet a friendly, helping hand.



Useful Links[edit]

Can you Blurt? Here you find a lot of useful links regarding your Blockchain. If you didn't know three of them, you couldn't Blurt perfectly.




UNDER CONSTRUCTION – The Page is still empty. We will present knowledge about the Markdown Editor of the Blurt Blockchain, what it can do - what it can't. You will find some layout templates to copy and paste. It's very easy to produce nice Postings! Wait please. Just a moment.




Blurt's Whitepaper (WP under development) and other WPs are here, as presented to the financial world. Read the first public WP of the Blockchain Steem from 2016, and the following paper issued by Ned Scott (Steemit Inc.) under the whales. You will find Bluepapers here as well.




UNDER CONSTRUCTION – Any FAQ is pointing on several coin exchanges. If any Newbie don't know what the heck all exchange's monitors are showing, come in! Exchanges for bank transfers like Bittrex or specialized exchanges like Ionomy. Exchanges shows a different appereance. But they all do the same thing and you have to maintenance your mind, before you start acting with exchange's affairs.



Developer's Stuff[edit]

@ericet says (8/26/2020):

The Steem developer portal is still the right resource if you want to write some programs but with some changes. Some of operators on the list are either disabled (claim account, create clam account,etc) or haven't implemented yet (account_update2). Also I know the blurt team is working on a REST API soon, so will be many new stuffs coming. After everything is settle down, we are starting update the developer docs.

Developer Documentation on GitLab, where the Blurt Project is running:

The Blurt Project is running onGitLab. and we found two readmemd's for developers. two Docs.

  • contains priceless information on how to build Blurt on OSX.
  • blurt.min.js. Take this for your project. Or take it directly from maintenancer @baabeetaa here.
  • Blurt Condenser is the react.js web interface to Blurt blockchain, a blockchain powered by DPoS Governance and ChainBase DB to store JSON-based content for a plethora of web applications.
  • Blurt@GitLab. The Readme – Here you can find basic information like the distribution of 10% inflation, Regent Account (Government) and much more.
  • Mentions on Discord and Blurt including witness lost blocks notification – @ericet's Dino bot – HowTo get your mentions? Who mentioned you in Blurt articles, comments and on Blurt Discord? Call the URL for making your personal Dino bot running.

Home Pages[edit]

Contibutors Home Pages =

UNDER CONSTRUCTION – They will come. You will see soon, what is possible with MediaWiki. We never have to stop learning!



Curation, Trails, Incentives, Tag #blurt-A to Z[edit]

Powered on foundation delegated Stake, keywords waiting for articles of serious bloggers to be rewarded. There are a lot curators of Blurttags on Blurt. []



Who is Who[edit]

It's not a bad idea to give the witnesses your 30 witness votes. Without fully engaged persons of witness, without their servers no Blurt exists.
Warning: Do not misuse the mentioned people as helpdesk!!!



News & Gossip[edit]