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Welcome to Blogger's Almanac[edit]

The FAQ moved. This site will grow to be The Bloggers Almanac, an enhanced help for developers and bloggers. The Table of Contents will help to navigate entire 'https://blurtfaq.org/wiki/Main_Page FAQ]. You should use the Browsers local search to find your point of interest: Press Ctrl + F, and type your wanted keyword. Then go on navigating by the browsers navigation (browsers window bottom left) back and fort buttons. This FAQ is issued by @afrog, dean of the fictive Institute of Chainology. The FAQ is a migration of the Steem's FAQ, Ver. 2017, first migrated for the [1] in 2017-2019.

  • Later, on all the different Cosmos blockchains of the Blurt's comunity, we will provide new FAQ frontend. From this moment on you can contribute by driving the FAQ node for your language's community with a FAQ in your language. And you can contribute as a translator and an author of your FAQ.
  • FAQ's best practice: If you have a question, go to FAQ, press CTRL+F, write down your keyword and jump by browser's buttons up and down. No matter where your cursor will go now, you will find answers. If not, just jump to the next stop!


Blurt Helpdesk 24/7[edit]

Help needed? No problem!

  • First ask the – FAQ. If this doesn't help,
  • Go to Blurt-Discord server thread #helpdesk. If you are new to Discord, follow the invitation-link to the Discord Blurt Server. If you got a Discord login already login.
  • After Signup or Login to Blurt Discord, change the thread to #helpdesk (left column)
  • Inside the Thread you will always meet a friendly, helping hand.