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Blurt Logo FAQ
  • If you are a beginner on Blurt blockchain, first read @michelangelo3 Welcome to Blurt.
  • If you are a beginner on blockchain at all, one of the best tutorials is from Binance academy, The World of Blockchain.
  • Best practice for this FAQ: If you have a question press CTRL+F, write down the keyword and jump by browser's buttons up and down. No matter where your cursor is, you will find an answer. If there is no answer at all, ask @afrog. Give him an reply on his Blurt account, somewhere as off topic.
  • How you contribute to the FAQ is maybe the question if you find issues. If you want to contribute, give the author @afrog a message on the blockchain and you will get an answer. If you are not located on the blockchain, send a message to info at blurtfaq.org.


Newbie's very first questions

First orientation on Blurt.


What is Blurt

The Blurt blockchain is defined as social media and builds a living, breathing, and growing social economy; communities where users are getting rewarded by curators for sharing their origin content.

Blurt provides a scalable blockchain protocol for publicly accessible and immutable content, along with a fast digital token (called BLURT) which enables people to earn the currency by using their brain (what can be called “Proof-of-Brain”). The two building blocks of this protocol,both blockchain and token, depend on each other for security, immutability and longevity, and are therefore integral to each others’ existence. Blurt is a fork of a blockchain named Hive, whitch is a fork of the Blockchain named Steem. Steem is successfully operating since March 2016. Hive, since April 2020 and Blurt.world since June 2020. All are operating basically like the Steem, as a Graphene blockchain. The three Platforms have now exceeded both Bitcoin and Ethereum in number of the transactions they processed.


How does Blurt work

Blurt is a social media platform that works by having the crowd reward the crowd for their content. It does this thanks to the Blurt blockchain and cryptocurrency. Blurt is 'minted' daily and distributed to content producers according to the votes they get. As you now might think already, the token is under steady Inflation.


How does Blurt differ from other social media websites

  • Most social media sites extract value from their userbase for the benefit of shareholders alone. Blurt is different, it's a new kind of attention economy. By connecting with the Blurt blockchain, Blurt users receive all the benefits and rewards for their attention. The blockchain is decentralized and controlled by the crowd.
  • The Blurt has a government for two years (2020-2022). To protect the blockchain against hostile takeovers, as happened with the Steem February 2020. Read the essence from Blurt-Project Readme.me: how it works.
  • Any transaction is subject to fees and Transactions are charged at a flat rate (ie. 0,001 BLURT). Postings are calculated according to kilobytes (ie. 0,016 BLURT). You need to have free BLURT in your wallet. Fees can't be paied by Blurtpower on stake if it was not partial powered down 7 days before.
  • There are no flags or downvotes on Blurt.


What do I need to do in order to secure my account

Unlike most social media websites, there is no way to recover your account if you lose your password / owner key! This is why it is extremely important that you save and backup your password somewhere safe. It is strongly recommended that you store an offline copy in case of a hard drive failure or other calamity. Consider digital offline storage, such as an external disk or flash drive, as well as printed paper stored in a fireproof safe. Use a safe deposit box for best redundancy. If you leak your private key to another user or a third-party website, that user or website will have full access to your account. This means they can steal it, as well as the funds inside of it. It is therefore not recommended to enter your private key information with any other user or third-party website. If you believe your account has been compromised, you should change your password/keys right away. Each account has multiple keys, which each have different levels of authority: owner, active, posting, and memo. The information on the different types of keys and their purposes, as well as more information on password and key security, can be found in the section on Security. For your comfort, regarding users of many blockchains, you can delegate all keymanagament to a Browsertool called WhaleVault (like SteemConnect, Keychain).


Does it cost anything to post, comment or vote

Yes. Witnesses makes the suggestion to the amount of costs. All transactions are subject to fees'. Most are charged at a flat rate. Postings are calculated according to kilobytes. Every action is showing the amount of costs before you confirm the action. And relax, fees are like Dust in opposite to the Rewards you will earn on long distance.

Attention: You need to have free Coins in your wallet or you are not able to act on Blurt, except reading.


Can I earn digital tokens on Blurt

Yes you can earn digital tokens on Blurt by:

  • Posting – sharing your work. – you can earn upvotes from community members. Depending on the number and height of upvotes you receive, you will get a portion of the ongoing Blurt reward pool.
  • Voting and curating – discovering an author's work. If you upvote posts and Comments, you earn the Curation reward. The reward amount will depend on the amount of BLURT Power you own, and on the amount of votes you give to the bloggers. Your vote power will be refreshed within 24 hours to 100%, if you spend votes of an amount of 10x100% votes.
  • Interests – power on stake – Savings of free BLURT tokens by powering up BLURT power makes your rewards bigger. Staked Blurt earns a small amount of interests for holding them.


Where do all the tokens come from

The Blurt Blockchain continually creates digital tokens to reward content creators and curators. Some of the newly-created tokens are transferred to users who add value to Blurt by posting, commenting, and voting on other people's posts. The remainder is distributed to holders of BLURT Power and the witnesses that power the blockchain.


Where does the value comes from

At its root, Blurt is simply a points system. However, because this points system is blockchain-based, the points can be traded on markets as tokens. People buy and sell these tokens, and many hold in anticipation of increased purchasing power for various Blurt-related services.

By analogy, Blurt is a game system where users compete for attention and rewards by bringing content and adding value to the platform. The rewards people earn are tokens that have market value and are readily tradable. It is similar to how someone playing a video game could obtain a limited item or currency by playing the game. If the currency or items are transferable between users, then they can sell or buy them on game item markets.


Why are people getting vastly different rewards

Blurt is not a "get rich quick" scheme. While it is possible to post content that goes viral quickly and earn a lot of rewards on a single post, this is not typical for most users.

Most of the authors that you see earning high rewards are users that have spent a lot of time in the network building followings, making connections with others, and developing a reputation for bringing high quality content.

It is best to have realistic expectations, without focusing on rewards when you are first starting out. If you are focused on rewards, you have to be invested in BLURT. Better work on building a followers, making connections, and developing a good community reputation. Consistency will pay off in the long run.



How do I create an account

There is no explicit verification during Sign Up an account on the block chain. However, the registration costs a small fee. You need either 1 STEEM, 1 HIVE or 11 BLURT (as of June 2020) and must be able to transfer the fee to the blockchain, where your new account is awaiting your fee.

If this requirement is met, click on the Blurt homepage on Sign up and when the next page occurs have a look at the bottom. There's another bar to click on Sign up.

Case Study: If you neither can't find a Sign in nor Sign up on Blurt's frontpage, empty your browser's cache and reload the page. Now you can sign in.

A process starts which leads you in four steps to generate your account.

1) Input of the user name. This is the name with which you will log in in the future.

2) Now you will receive your passwords. Click on Download Password Backup. This will download a small text file containing your five passwords and your login name.

Be sure to save and backup your username and password. It is very important that you do not lose your password. There is no way to recover your password or access your account if it is lost. Once your password is saved and backed up, click on the "Create Account" button to create the account.

3) In the third step you choose the payment method. HIVE, STEEM or BLURT, underneath you enter the name of sender that will pay your fee. This doesn't have to be a Blockchain user from Steem, Hive or Blurt, but also your name on a stock exchange from which you want to transfer the fee. If it is your user name from a block chain, you can also log in there directly from here to initiate the transfer.You just have to click on xyz Keychain or xyzSigner, depending what verifikation method you noemally use.

4) The last step shows the sender name of the fee and the data that needs to be entered in your transfer formular as there is amount and currency, recipients name and the corresponding memo. For your first login there is a reminder of your new user name.

Example: Order ID: 1597272802639 Please pay 1.000 HIVE from @sender_name to blurt.buzz with create_account:1597272802639 as memo to create account @your_new_name The bold font indicates what actually has to be entered in the transfer form in the next step.

After the fee transfer is done, you are able to login to your new Blurt account.


What information do I need to provide in order to create an account

You need just to create your new username and pay a fee. No more information is needed.


How long does the account approval process take

Most accounts are approved immediately after the fee is transferred. If your account has not been approved after 1 hours, please ask for help in the #helpdesk channel on Blurt's Discord server.


Can I create a Blurt account without ID card, phone number and email



Am I allowed to create more than one account

Each user is allowed to create multiple accounts on the blockchain. Creating additional accounts on the blockchain requires users to pay account creation fee for any additional account.


Can I delete or deactivate my account

Accounts can not be deactivated or deleted. The account along with all of its activity is permanently stored in the blockchain.


Can I change my name

You can't change your account's name. If you need a change, you have to set up a new account. But you are able to change your bloggers name, just for to show inside your blog as often as you want to. This will be done by settings. Click on the first shown link that guides you to update your public profile, named ’’’visit wallet.blurt.world’’’. Or go to your wallet and click ’’’Settings’’’ in the menue. Third method to call the public profile settings is for example the URL https://blurt.world/@yourname/settings. Just switch the @username.



Is there an Etiquette Guide for Blurt

There are no official rules for participating on Blurt.world, but one of the users of the Steem @thecryptofiend, has created an Etiquette Guide for the Steem community. While it is not required to follow the suggestions in the guide, they are standards that many users in the community choose to follow.

There is one important rule only:

In the blockchain's Proof of Brain process, foreign material, even if it comes from free sources, must be referenced. Every source of someone else's intellectual property must be identified. By storing on blockchain, you claim every not referenced material as your own creation.

Not only for licence affairs. It is also mandatory for the writer – reader relationship. Every reader is a potential voter and must know, if the author did it all completly by his own. Curators have to know, what kind of stuff they are looking at. When nothing is referenced, you are creator of course!

Posting on the blurt is evidence of one's own creation. All rights of an article lie with the creator or the key holder of course. Therefore, you do not need to include any copyright information under a post created completly by your own. However, if you have not referenced external material, it appears as if you had created a text or a license-free image by yourself.


Am I required to verify my identity

It is not mandatory but you can do it by choice. If you claim to be someone specific, the community may expect that you verify you are who you say you are. There are a number of ways to do this. The most common way to verify your identity is by posting a link to your profile on a website or social media account which you are already known for having such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, a blog, or foto webpage. Many users also like to post a photo or a video which shows them holding up a sheet of paper with the current date and their Blurt account name handwritten on it. This is a great way to add a personal touch of verifying.


How do I upvote a post or comment

On Blurt authors and voters (Curators) earn rewards, each of them get 50% of one creations rewards amount. The voters gets it devided equal to their amount of voting and number of voters. Regardless of whether they have created an article or a comment. All creations could be rewarded by the vote button. If you like a creation, make an upvote. It's like a thumb up, but authors can change the Blurt thumbs on exchange. It's somehow more useful to get an vote, than a thumb up.
Voting Button
View of typical situations of the vote button.
To upvote a post or comment, click on the upvote icon at the bottom of every post and comment. If you have already voted before, the button is filled by red colour like the example on picture left side. If you haven't already voted, the button is not filled by colour, like the vote buttons of comments on picture right side.

Pay attention: You take back your vote by clicking a red filled button again. This works within 7 days, until the posting is payed out. And yes. there's a fee for voting or taking back a voting.

View of the Slider
After clicking the vote button you always get information first. You should have an eye on two percentages.
  • Actual Voting Power tells you how strong your temporal power' is. 100% means full amount of BLURT you could give, relating your Stake (amount of blurtpower).
  • The main part of the message, slider and circles give you the choice to decide how much percent of your voting power you would spend the author now. The voting power's percentage you can regulate stepless by slider or click on one circle of the 25 percent steps. Adjust your vote and click again the voting button you see inside the slider's message.

Best practice: It's recommended to give 10 votes a 100% a day or an equivalent in smaller procentual rates. Then your vote power is down on 80%. 20% of vote power is refilled by the blockchain within 24 hours. And don't forget, you are rewarded by voting. Mining on blockchain means

By the way: the Blurt voting slider shows you on bottom of the message, what fee will be charged for voting.


How much BP is needed for plankton, minnow, dolphin, orca or whale

Vests ≈ Blurt Power (BP)

User ranking
Rank Vests
Plankton >= 0
Minnow > 1,000
Dolphin > 10,000
Orca > 100,000
Whale > 1000,000



Site Navigation

What do the Home, New, Hot and Trending, and Promoted links show

These are various ways to sort Blurt posts.

Feed – The most recent posts of accounts you follow.

New – Posts are sorted by the time posted, with newest first.

Hot – Popular posts of the moment.

Trending – Posts with the most amount of votes, stake-weighted, recently.


What information is available in my account menu

You can get to your account menu by clicking on the avatar icon in the top-right corner of most Blurt Frontpages.

Feed – Here is where you go to see the recent posts from the people you follow.

Blog – Here is where you go to see all of your posts and reblogs. It is also where you go to see your profile page that is viewable by other users.

Comments – Here is where you go to see all of the comments and replies you have made.

Replies – Here is where you go to see all replies other users have made to your posts and comments.

Toggle Night Mode – This will toggle the blurt.blog website views between night and day mode themes (white or black background).

Wallet – This will take you to your wallet, where you go to see your wallet balances, make transfers, exchange BLURT, manage your account, and Power Up.

Settings – Here is where you go to update your settings.

Logout – If you'd like to logout.


How do I see my recent rewards

Under Construction

Go to wallet's history and have a look to all redeemed rewards. Rewards are divided in curation rewards and author rewards. Autor rewards are gien for articles and comments as well.

Curation rewards – Shows the rewards earned for upvoting posts and comments.

Author rewards – Shows the rewards earned by your own posts and comments.

You can also view the same information for other users by visiting their wallet profile.


What information is shown in my wallet

A crypto wallet is the place where you store and manage token (coins). With its unique address every wallet can recieve and transfer token by your or a senders command. You can deposit, delegate, recieve delegations, uppowering or downpower your holdings, hold and withdrawal your funds of free floating BLURT. In History your wallet shows any outgoing and incoming transaction. it depends on frontend (condenser) how much rows will be shown in history. There is an additional menue on top and also special settings to our profile. First we have a look on the main functions of the Blurt wallet.
Blurt Wallet key functions
Your Blurt wallet shows in its center (light background in left picture) from top to bottom balances, the menu of wallet key functions. On the right side of center menu lines you find the arrows, showing you there is a special menue of different actions. You need to confirm most of the actions by your active key and memo key is needed for encrypted memos only.
View of menu you get by clicking the arrow beside BLURT line.
1) BLURT – Shows your available tradeable tokens, that may be used anytime for fees and other purposes. Here you can hold, transfer or power up BLURT. On right side, clicking the arrow menu you can transfer BLURT, transfer to savings and convert BLURT to BLURT POWER (called power up).
The pictures show the three options of the BLURT arrows menu.
View of menu you get by clicking the arrow in this part of wallet menu: POWER Up and Delegate.
2) BLURT POWER – Shows your influence tokens which give you control over post payouts and allow you to earn on curation rewards. Free floating BLURT can be converted to BLURT POWER in a process called power up. The amount of Power shows your related power of votes and earnings. BLURT POWER increases at an APR of approximately 3.08%, and the rate is subject to witnesses poll. In the menu you powerdown BLURT Power to free floating BLURT or you can delegate Token.
The pictures show the three options of the BLURT arrows menu

2.1) (BLURT POWER) – A Part of BLURT POWER can be delegated to or by other accounts and if it's done the amount appeares in rounded brackets. Delegation is donated for influence or to help new users perform actions on Blurt, but there are many reasons for delegations. Your delegation amount can fluctuate. A positive amount is an incoming delegation. Negative amount is an outgoing delegation. If there is no delegation, you see BLURT POWER only. An delegation takes 7 days to arrive in wallet or to be cancelled.

SAVINGS – Balances subject to 3 day withdraw waiting period. This is an extra security measure in case your account credentials are compromised
Estimated Account Value – The estimated value is based on an average value of Blurt in US dollars.
The wallet page shows the status of a pending power down as well. If no powerdown is pending, you see nothing. From the start it takes 7 days until the payout is available. You have to powerdown 4 weeks, until your whole BLURT POWER is converted to BLURT.
HISTORY – shows all wallet's regarding incoming and outgoing transfers.
Best practice: Have a look to your wallet frequently. if you have earned token, you must to redeem them by mouseclick on the banner to get the token into your wallet. Your amount of BLURT on account will not to be updated automaticly by rewards. All other transactions come in by purpose of the sender. Leave always an amount of free BLURT in your wallet. Do not power up all the earnings or incoming transactions because you need free BLURT for the fees.
View of top menu of wallet. expanded Reward menu.


How do I transfer my Blurt into savings

Your savings balance is BLURT tokens that are subject to 3 day withdraw waiting period. This is an extra security measure in case your account credentials are compromised. To transfer BLURT tokens into savings, click on the drop-down arrow next to BLURT in your wallet, and select "Transfer to Savings".


How do I send money to another user

  • From your wallet page, click the BLURT balance with the down arrow next to them.
  • In the drop-down menu, click 'Transfer'.
  • Type the username of the account you want to send the BLURT to. Double and triple check the spelling.
  • Enter the amount of BLURT to send.
  • Enter a memo to go along with the transaction (optional – mandatory when you send to exchanges ).
  • Click Submit.
  • You will be prompted for your password. You will need to enter your active key.


Will I receive notifications when there is activity with my account

Yes. Have a look in Mentions-Notifications. Blurt's Notifications tells you a lot.

What is shown in my profile

At the top of your profile is your display name. Below your display name is the number of followers you have, the number of posts and comments you have written, and the number of people you are following. It also shows the month and year when your account was created. You have the option to change your avatar and display name on the wallet.blurt.blog Settings page. There, you can set additional information such as "about" information, your location, and add a link to a website of your choosing. You also have the option to set a cover image for your profile.

You can view your own profile by clicking on the link to your Blog in your account menu.


How do I change my avatar image and other profile information

Your profile info, avatar image, and cover image are set in your Settings page, located in wallet. In order to update your avatar's picture and cover image, you will need to host the images somewhere. This can be done by uploading it via the wallet GUI, or using a third-party image hosting site such as Postimage. Once your image is uploaded, copy its URL and paste it into the "Profile Picture URL" box for the avatar, or the "Cover Image URL" box for the cover image. Then click the update button and enter your active key.


What is the recommend size for the cover image

The cover image will be resized/scaled depending on the device being used. Therefore it is recommend to use an image that will still look good when cropped or resized.

Best practice: It's not easy to fiddle out the perfect fitting ratio of your cover image. Regardless of that the height of the header is 158 pixels on PC monitors, you should not size your picture to this height, because some algorithm behind streches your pic in an unknown way. There is no official communicated ratio at all and you have to fiddle around until it fits. The best ratio for my picture has been 1024x126. You see, the height has been a lot smaller than it is shown after upload. Your pic is places in background of course. So keep in mind you have to pay a lot attention for the readability of the foreground because these letters and digits beares the most important information. Since the foreground is white, dark pictures are recommended.


How can I control whether I see "Not Safe For Work" (NSFW) content?

By default, content that users have tagged as "NSFW" (tag Not Safe for Work) will be hidden, but a link will be shown to reveal the content. You can update your display preference with the Settings page so that NSFW content is always shown by default, remains hidden until clicked, or is completely hidden with no option to reveal.


How do I search for content

In the upper right corner of Blurt.blog, there is a magnifying glass search link where you can find posts using a keyword search.

There is also an Explore link in the main menu, where you can browse through posts based on tags.

If you search in Google etc. and putting in Blurt, you will get very good results too.


Can I see which users I have muted

Yes. This can be seen under the Settings page.


Can I see which users have muted me

This information is not presented on blurt.blog, but it is visible on the blockchain level.


Can I see the list of users I am following and who is following me

Yes. You can see the list of followers or people you are following by clicking on the links on your profile page.


What languages are supported

Currently blurt.blog supports English, Spanish, Russian, French, Italian, Korean, Polish, and Chinese. There are also many communities using the platform that speak other languages.



What can users post to Blurt

Blurt is an open platform meant to host and welcome any legal content that complies with our terms of service. Users can post anything they want, whether it be phrases, quotes, blogs, anecdotes, photos, videos, memes, songs, and more. Be creative!


What are the different choices for post rewards (Power Up 100%, Decline Payout)

  • 50%/50% – This option comes with Hardforl 3 one day and rewards the post in 50% BLURT coins and 50% Blurt Power. At the moment it's not possible to make free floating BLURT by posting.
  • Power Up 100% – This option rewards the post in 100% Blurt Power.
  • Decline Payout – Use this option to receive no post rewards. Votes will affect the post's position on the trending ranking but no rewards are paid from Blurt's reward pool. Replies made to the post are still eligible for rewards.


How do I add images and photos to my posts

You can browse your hard drive to add an image by clicking on the selecting them link from within the editor (on the bottom line).

If you have an image copied to your clipboard, you can simply paste (ctrl + v) while in the post/comment editor, and your image will be uploaded into your post or comment. Due to the file size of these pasted images, this method is only recommended for simple graphics. Photos (.JPG) should be uploaded from your disk.

Safety advice - legal hazard! Because your posting on a blockchain of contents creators is equal to a statement of copyright, even if it's commonly called "social media" it is mandatory to reference foreign material regardless of whether the material is available royalty-free.

Pictures can also be hosted on an external site. Paste the image's web address (URL) into the editor and it will automatically be added. Again: Never forget to reference the source of other creators pictures!!!


How do I set the thumbnail image for the post blog

The first image in each article is automatically set as the thumbnail image of the blog. The best size is 800x480 for posting and thumbnail. As a general rule, when you insert your image, the Markdown processor will automatically set each image below 800x480 to its original size. However, if an image is more than 800 pixels wide, the processor will convert the images to fit the optimized thumbnail size. However, this does not reduce the capacity of the image. Always make sure to use compressed formats, such as JPEG, 75 dpi, in view of the loading times and the load on the block chain. Only use PNG images if you need transparency to the background.


Steemit user tip for image size

The blogger guide to steemit's post thumbnail

Making clickable Pictures


What is the recommend aspect ratio for thumbnail images

The recommend aspect ratio for thumbnail images is 16x9.


How do I add videos to my posts

To add a DTube, YouTube, or Vimeo video to your blog post, simply paste the URL link to the video into the post.

NEW: Ericet's Condenser Update:

  • Embed Twitter's Tweets
  • Embed Threespeak videos
  • LBRY Iframe supported


Is there a way I can make my images smaller

Yes, but the picture must be resized before it is uploaded into the blurt.blog editor. This can be done in your favorite photo editing software, or online by uploading to a third-party website that features editing such as imgur.com.


What are tags

Under Construction

Tags are keywords, a way to categorize your content so that you and others can find it. A Blochchain is a bottomless pit. This makes tags important. Technical each tag is a keyword. You are free to use a #keyword started by a cross # somwhere in the middle of your text. But the most relevant tags (keywords) are the five belong to the post. Like-minded people will come across these keywords. Keywords are weighted by search engines. So use them wise and there' s just one No Go: Do not use a main keyword (article tag) without using the same word inside the article or the article will be penalted by search engines.

There are some officially curated tags on blurt, you can earn more coins by posting your thematically appropriate content with such a keyword. Lots of these special tags start by the word blurt and end by a well known idiom, like pulished in Blurt.World Update No. 8/27/2020: where @ericet added a list of recommended tags. The main accounts of these keywords are used by curators enforced by a delegation of at least of 500000 to one Million BLURT from Blurt SocialGraph Foundation, to curate articles according to their special tag and rules. Read the initial post under these tags to catch the rules of posting there. You find all the tags, links and rules of Blurt's Curation Trails in the Keywordtables: For your comfort, please choose your current frontend: Then head to the curated tags by

  • Blurt.buzz
  • Blurt.blog
  • Blurt.world
  • Blurtter.com
Curated Tags, delegated by Socialgraph Foundation
Tag Name/Url of New Theme Curator Delegated/Power Initial Post and Rules
blurtrides Car Fanatics @trev03 1,005,323.402 Blurtrides Approved
blurtimals World of animals. Wild or pets @blurtimals 1,009,987 Introduction by Blurtimals
blurtsport Sports @designieplay 1,004,086.243 [1]
blurtchef Food, Review, Recipe @hafizullah 1,003,755/>106,000 Introducing Blurtchef Community
blurtmusic Music @blurtmusic > 500,000 Introducing Blurtmusic
blurtbd Bangladesh, Bengali @blurtbd 1,000,111.442 Introducing for the blurtbd curation
blurtcn Support Chinese Blurt Blogger @shenchensucc @honoru 1,000,000 Announcement of Blurtcn Curation Program
blurtart Art @blurtart 500,000/ Original art with proof of creation
blurtgaming Games
blurt420 Cannabis , Hemp , CBD Content @skylinebuds 1,003,755 Cannabis and Hemp Community
blurthealth Health
blurtwomen Women Empowerment
blurtopian Software Development @eastmael 1,003,770.036 BP Blurtopian - Empowering Open-Source Contributors
blurtstory All About Your Blurt Stories @wilhb81 1,000,000 Blurtstory Time To Tell Us Your Best Stories!
blurtech technic
helloblurt Introduce Yourself
blurtreviews Books Apps Software Film Products @blurtreviews >500,000 Introduction of Blurt reviews curation
blurtutorials Tutorials @kamranrkploy @tomoyan > 500k The blurtutorials is here
blurtreligions Religions @collins30 500,000 Introduction of religions account
Private Curated Tags, with BLURTPower > 10,000
Tag Name/Url of New Theme Curator Delegated/Power Initial Post and Rules
blurtafrica African Community @empato > 63,000 Blurtafrica and blurt365 Challange
blurtography Challanges, Contests @blurtography > 10,500 different events, to watch in the blurtography blog.

If one of these topics is your jam then now's the time to get writing and earn some BLURT for your quality content!

List of all tags on blockchain with the number of regarding posts, comments and payouts for each tag.


What tags should I use

Try to use tags that are relevant to your post, and that will be popular for other people to browse. For example, "mytriptoalaska" may be relevant to your post, but readers are probably not going to go searching for that. Using "travel" would be a better choice for a tag in this case. Relevant means also, that the tag occurs as word in your text. If it doesn't you will be punished by search engines. Words from headers are always relevant. If you use the tag as a word in your article more often, you get more relevant for this word.

Be mindful when choosing tags. If your tags aren’t related to your post, your posts are under penalty by search machines.

All tags must be lowercase letters. Spaces aren't allowed, but hyphenated words with a single dash are.

Important hint: Please also notice the keyword tables that indicate curated tags. This allows everyone to increase rewards. Especially beginners who write on a corresponding topic can get rewards immediately by using tags regarding theme, even without being known by a community. Just write, use the tag, and you will see if you have well done. It's mandatory to read the tag's rules before to annoy the curators.


How many tags can I use

You can use up to 5 article tags per post. The input field is located beneath the editor. Five words, no comma, no point, just words and one space in between. You can use a dash for binded words.

You can use different keywords in an article itself, but you should have understandable reasons for doing so, otherwise it could be perceived as spam.


Why is the Post button grayed out

A post must have a title, body, and at least one valid tag. If any of these are missing, then the "Post" button will be disabled.


How do I format text in Markdown

Some common markdown syntax is:

  • Bold: **Text Text Text** for example: Text Text Text
  • Italics: *italics* for example: Text Text Text
  • Bold and Italics: ***Text Text Text*** for example: Text Text Text
  • Other type to markdown; You can even take the underscore (_) instead of the asteric (*)
  • Cross out: ~~Text Text Text~~ for example: Text Text Text

You will find extended formatting codes in the chapter Editors.



Text can be sized using headers in Markdown or in HTML. But it ts not common to size paragraphs like this. Because of you will get much more distance under a header than inbetween paragraphs.

# Header 1

## Header 2

### Header 3

#### Header 4

##### Header 5

###### Header 6

You can even mix HTML with Markdown. But you have to divide the HTML syntax from Markdown syntax by a space, or sometimes by a blank line. For more advanced formatting, a guide describing the common markdown formatting syntax can be found here at Github Markdown</a>


How often can I post

There is no limit. You are allowed to post almost as often as you like. Currently, posts must be spaced 5 minutes apart. However, the community may not find value in users that are posting too frequently. Keep in mind what your audience will be interested in viewing, so that you do not overwhelm your followers with too much content.


How long can my post be

Post sizes are limited to about 64,000 characters including formatting. This is ample for most posts. If writing blogs, consider how much people are willing to read at one time. If you make your posts too long, readers may lose interest which may affect the amount of upvotes and rewards you receive.


If posting in a language other than English how will I get recognized

You can use language-specific tags to help you to reach the audience that speaks your language. Language-specific groups include:

  • Chinese = cn
  • German = deutsch
  • Spanish = spanish
  • Korean = kr
  • Russian = ru
  • French = fr
  • Portuguese = pt

If your region doesn't exist, feel free to use its official code. Take Wikipedia's list of lands. We take the column ISO 3166 ALPHA-2.


Can I delete something I posted

The blockchain will always contain the full edit history of posts and comments, so it can never be completely deleted. Who knows how is able to read all history. If you like to update a post so that users cannot see the content via blurt.blog, you can edit the post and replace it with blank content for as long as the post is active.



Can I earn digital tokens for commenting

If someone votes for your comment, you earn tokens.


How often can I comment

There is no rule for the number of your comments. You should only take care not to spam or write comments that have nothing to do with the content of the above article. There is a three second wait time in between comments to limit spam.


Can I write private messages

Yes you can, on a little tricky way. You can use wallet for sending encrypted messages.

Go to menu and call wallet. Prepare a 0.001 BLURT transfer (arrow menu beside BLURT) and fill in reciever's name you want to send a private message. Before you write a private message into Memo field, you have to type the cross (#) first in front of all writings. If you are ready writing, press the button Next. Now the blockchain asks for your key. Fill in Memo key and tell the reciever, he will got an encrypted memo in his wallet. It's better to tell the reciever before. You won't believe how often bloggers forget to read their wallet messages. The newbies don't even know that messages can come in there.  


How to buy BLURT token

Ok, if you want to buy coins with fiat (USD, EUR, etc.), you have to register at a coin exchange and use the wallets available there. They store fiat money in the personal wallets available there, just like any other token. You can use wallet to conduct business in the appropriate market. Large exchanges have hundreds of currency pairs, while smaller ones may only have 10 pairs.

Each market consists of a specific trading pair. These are currency pairs such as Etherum-Bitcoin (ETH-BTC), LIT-BTC, LIT-STEEM or the like, as well as HIVE-BTC and so on. For every token traded there, there is its own wallet on an exchange and each has its own unique number that functions as an worldwide address. Each wallet can be addressed using the combination of the wallet name and wallet number.

Better you sign up first to a good and busy coin exchange accepting bank transfers. Bittrex for example is one of the useful exchanges. You can transfer EUR or USD and other fiat from bank account to your Bittrex fiat wallet. They have BTC–STEEM pairing on market, BTC–HIVE and the same in USD pairings. They have a lot of pairings, but no BLURT.

First you have to buy Bitcoin (BTC) on market of your exchange. You see markets like USD-BTC and EURO-BTC. Check the price and buy BTC! You need it to buy BLURT. When you placed an offer and the deal is done, BTC will come into your personal BTC wallet.

Now you need a BLURT Wallet. Get it on an exchange, where BLURT exists, Ionomy. Of course, any exchange collects fees. You pay it for transactions like deposit, withdrawl, sell and buy. Creating and changing offers is for free.

If you have an Ionomy account, you got already a second BTC wallet. Deposit the BTC from Bittrex on Ionomy by transfer. Now have a look on Ionomy [BTC-Blurt] market. It's exactly what you need. Of course, now you have to make a BUY. If there's still no BTC to buy, wait. Ionomy has a delay. You can pay a monthly fee, then you might have a better performance.


Where do the new Blurt tokens come from

Blockchains like Blurt and Bitcoin produce new tokens each time a block is produced. Unlike Bitcoin, where all of the new coins go to the block producers (called miners), the Blurt blockchain allocates a majority of the new tokens to a reward fund called the "rewards pool". The rewards pool gives users tokens for participating in the platform based on the value they add.


How many new tokens are generated by the blockchain

Blurt began creating new tokens at a yearly inflation rate of 9.5%. The inflation rate decreases at a rate of 0.01% every 250,000 blocks, or about 0.5% per year. The inflation will continue decreasing at this pace until the overall inflation rate reaches 0.95%. This will take about 20.5 years.


How are the new tokens distributed

Out of the new tokens that are generated:

  • 65% go to the reward pool, which is split between authors and curators.
  • 15% of the new tokens are awarded to holders of Blurt Power.
  • 10% of the new tokens are awarded to the Blurt Proposal System.
  • The remaining 10% pays for the witnesses to power the blockchain.

The percentages may differ during time and come from the the Readme.md of Blurt's project on GitLab.


Which exchanges are BLURT listed on?

On Blurt Gitlab Exchange Listings you always find the actual list of exchanges with BLURT market. Go to the URL and scroll down a little bit.


What is the reward pool

Every day, a fixed amount of BLURT tokens are allocated to the network reward fund, commonly called the "reward pool."


How is the reward pool split between authors and curators

Up to 50% of a post's payout is awarded to curators (the people who upvoted the post) as a reward for discovering the content. The other 50% is awarded to the author.

If curators vote for a post within the first 5 minutes of it being created, a portion of their curation reward remains in the rewards pool for other authors/curators. This portion is linear to the age of the post between 0 and 5 minutes. As an example: upvoting at two minutes will donate 60% of your potential curation reward back to the rewards pool.


Will the reward pool pay out more or less depending on who votes

There is a fixed amount of BLURT coins that gets added to the rewards pool each day. In the short term, the amount of coins that get paid out may be higher or lower depending on the amount of voting activity, but over time it will pay out the full amount of rewards regardless of who votes.

Votes in Blurt are stake-weighted. Therefore voters with more Blurt Power have a greater influence over the allocation than voters with less BP, but their votes do not increase the amount of rewards in the rewards pool.


Why do the earnings for my post go up or down

The amount that is shown next to a post is a "Potential Payout". This is an estimated value of how much money the post will make based on the votes that have occurred so far. Depending on various factors, this value can go up or down until the payout window closes:

  • If a post receives more upvotes, the potential payout of the post can go up.
  • If other posts receive more upvotes, the potential payout of the post can go down.
  • If upvotes are removed from a post, the potential payout of the post can go down.
  • If the price of BLURT goes up, the potential payout of all posts can go up.
  • If the price of BLURT goes down, the potential payout of all posts can go down.


When can I claim my rewards

Posts and comments remain active for 7 days. When the period is over, you are able to claim their earned rewards. In your Wallet, click the Redeem Rewards button to add the tokens to your account.


What is delegated Blurt Power

Users have the option to delegate Blurt Power to other users. When a user is delegated Blurt Power - their Resource Credits, content votes, and curation rewards are calculated as if it were their own Blurt Power. Users are not able to power down or cash out delegated Blurt Power however, as it still belongs to the original owner.

Most users will have a small amount of Blurt Power delegated to them by the Blurt account after creating an account.

Delegated Blurt Power shows up in a user's wallet below their actual Blurt Power balance in parentheses.

Outgoing delegations can be viewed and revoked at blurtwallet.com. It takes 7 days for a revoked delegation to return.


What determines the price of Blurt

The price of BLURT is based on the supply and demand of the token, as determined by buyers and sellers on the exchanges. It is similar to how the price of a commodity like gold is determined.


How do I get more Blurt Power

With BLURT tokens in your wallet, click "Power Up" to turn them into Blurt Power. If you have Blurt Dollars, you can convert them to BLURT from your wallet, and then power up the BLURT.

If you don’t already have BLURT or Blurt Dollars in your wallet, you can purchase them using bitcoin (BTC), Ether (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), or BitShares (BTS) tokens. You may purchase BTC on various exchanges, such as Coinbase.com or Localbitcoins.com.

To buy:

  • Navigate to an exchange.
  • Buy BLURT. If you have no Coins for an exchange market, you can buy them with FIAT.
  • Withdraw the new BLURT from exchange to your account name (without the "@")
  • Now have a look into your Blurt Wallet.

Bitcoin and other coins can also be exchanged for BLURT on external markets. The exchange shows you, what tokens they have on market for exchange with BLURT.


How long does it take Blurt that I purchased to show up in my account

Seconds or a few minutes. Depending on network traffic and the exchange's policy. If you have no paied account at Ionomy, there is a little nasty buildin delay. Take a beer then you can stand it.


What is powering up and down

Powering up - If you have BLURT tokens, you can Power Up to Blurt Power to get more voting influence on posts and comments. Having more Blurt Power also increases the amount of curation rewards and new vested tokens that you can earn. More BP also grants more influence on approving Blurt witnesses.

Powering down - If you have Blurt Power, you can power down to turn it into liquid BLURT over a period of time. The system will transfer 1/4 of your Blurt Power to BLURT each week for about a months (4 weeks), starting 1 week from the time it is started. However, you will lose your influence in the network proportionally to how much is powered down, so think about it carefully. Power downs can be stopped and started at any time.

Remark to powerup: Don't power up all liquid BLURT. Leave an amount for your fees, or you will not be able to act anymore.


What can I do with my Blurt tokens

  • Power Up to Blurt Power
  • Withdraw to an exchange, and trade for BTC or other digital tokens
  • Purchase items through third-party stores that accept BLURT tokens


Can I sell goods and services on Blurt

Other than making a post and making sales manually, there is no interface for selling items directly on blurt.blog. You also have the option to advertise your items through Blurt posts.


Will I get a 1099 from Blurt

No, you are not being paid by Blurt. The Blurt network rewards you. It is your responsibility to determine what, if any, taxes apply to the transactions you make. Further, it is your responsibility to report and remit the correct tax to the appropriate tax authority. Blurt is not responsible for determining whether taxes apply to your Blurt transactions, or for collecting, reporting, withholding, or remitting any taxes arising from any Blurt transactions.


What are these Fees at all

Blurt recently implemented fees to stop spam. Blurt's fees flow to the blurt foundation because the people attacking Blurt did not like the Blurt Foundation, so we figured that for now, that would be better than burning them. I'm pretty sure that overall, there's consensus that burning fees is the right thing to do. Fees are described in an article by Jacob Gadikian (Blurt Foundation): Fees on Blurt. In the article he wrote some help for witnesses too, how to set the fees.

Picture of the two fees. Detail of Explorer.
Picture of the two fees. Detail from Explorer.
Picture of the two fees. Detail of Explorer.
Message when running out of free BLURT for the fee.

Fees are everywhere and on Blurt very low. They are counted per transaction, regardless of the matter or amount of transfer. Before you click OK, the interface tells you what the Blockchain will deduct from your wallet. Fees are provided by the poll of all witnesses and changing during time. However, if you transfer Blurt to an exchange and convert it to another currency, you even may incur a small fee from the exchange. Fees are shown any time actual on Explorer

  • Operation flat is the most frequent fee for any transfer to blockchain. It's taken for voting, following, resteem, power up and down, every order where you transfer any transaction to the blockchain. Operation flat fee only.
  • Bandwidth Fee per Kilobyte for the transfer of postings and comments.
  • Account creation Fee plus one BLURT on free BLURT to your wallet. This is for to pay the fees for your first steps on Blurt.

Good practice: You should always have a little stock of free BLURT in your Wallet (BLURT balance). If you ran out of BLURT, you can't act on the blockchain except reading. Fees are deducted automatically and shown before any transaction will be confirmed. If you ran out of BLURT, you will get the Message Transaction-failed-to-process (see right picture).


Are there fees for Powering Up

The fees are very low and are counted per transaction regardless of the amount of the transfer. Before you click OK, the interface tells you what the Blockchain will deduct from your wallet. Fees are provided by the poll of all witnesses and are changing durining time. However, if you transfer Blurt to an exchange and convert it to another currency, you may incur a small fee from the exchange.


How long does it take to transfer Blurt tokens between users

The blockchain is processing every 3 seconds a block of transactions. Normally it takes 3 seconds only until your reciever will get the transfer. Little delays can be caused by transport layers of the WWW.


Voting and Curating

What is my voting power

Voting mana (power) is like an "energy bar" in a computer game that goes down a little bit every time you vote. You start out with 100% voting mana. Every time you vote, you will use a small amount of your voting mana.

As you use more of your voting power, your votes will carry less influence. A vote with 50% voting power left will be worth 1/2 as much as a vote cast with 100% voting power.

Not to worry, the network recharges your voting power by approx. 4.5% every hour.


How many times can I vote without depleting my voting power

Every 100% vote you cast will use ~2% of your remaining voting power. Your voting power will recharged by approx. 3 to 4% every hour. You can vote more than 10 times 100% per day, but each vote will be worth less, and it will take longer to reach full voting power again.

1/50th of the remaining voting power is used for a 100% vote.


Can I vote with less than 100% of my voting strength

A vote slider appear when you vote. You can use the slider to adjust the weight of your vote, between 1% and 100% voting strength. Voting with less than 100% voting weight will use up less voting power, but it will also have less of an influence on the post or comment's rewards.


Where can I check my voting power

A vote slider appear when you vote. There you can see your recent voting power. It is also visible without Voting. Call your personal Block Explorer.


What determines how much of the curation reward goes to the author versus curators

The rewards are allocated so that 50% of the payout goes to the author of the post/comment, and 50% goes to the curators.

Of the 50% that goes to the curators, that portion will be split between the author and the curator if the curator votes within the first 30 minutes. The split of the 25% between the author and curator during the first 30 minutes is calculated linearly based on the time the vote is cast.

  • If a post is upvoted the moment of posting, 100% of the curation reward goes to the author.
  • At 3 minutes, 90% goes to the author and 10% to the curator.
  • At 15 minutes it's a 50/50 split.
  • At 27 minutes, 10% goes to the author and 90% to the curator.
  • If a post is upvoted 30 min after posting, 100% of the curation reward goes to the curator.


Can I get curation rewards for upvoting comments

Yes. You can earn curation rewards from upvoting both posts and comments!


Why don t my upvotes have an effect on a post s rewards

A user with more SP is going to have a larger influence on the rewards than users with less SP. One vote from a user with a lot of SP can often have more of an effect than 100 votes from users with a small amount of SP.

Even though your vote may not have an immediate effect, when it gets added in along with all the other votes at the end of the payout period, it can still affect the payout. It may also cause more users to vote on the post too, because they saw that you upvoted it - so your votes can have an indirect effect on the payout this way.


Is there a way to make my votes count for more

Yes. The more BLURT Power you have, the more influence your votes will have.

The platform does not require that anybody purchase SP in order to participate, and there are many users who have earned a lot of BLURT Power without spending any of their own money. You have the option of purchasing more BLURT Power through your Blurt wallet.


How to setup Beneficiaries on Blurt

Picture of the Beneficaries menue, Screenshot by @ericet
Beneficaries in Advanced Settings of a post.

If you want to divide a special posting's income between two and more accounts, you want to know how to setup beneficaries. Thanks to @ericet for his posting.

His function is good for sharing a postings rewards with other users. You can do this, while authoring a post only. The special function is called Advanced Settings, placed under the editors window. Now, to set up author's coproductions are no more problem on Blurt.







Plagiarism, Spam, and Abuse

What is considered spam or abuse?

  • Asking for money, views, upvotes, follows, or reblogs.
  • Leaving nearly identical or materially similar comments on multiple posts.
  • Comments that are unrelated to the topic of discussion.
  • Sending unsolicited links or requests to users via wallet memos.
  • Posts that require upvotes to enter or play in a contest or game.
  • Sending users a link to your blog or a post if it is not relevant to the conversation.
  • Posts or comments that include little or nothing more than an offer to trade follows or upvotes.
  • Using tags that are unrelated to the post.
  • Threatening users with any type of physical violence.
  • Not citing sources when using someone else’s material.
  • Posting ‘not safe for work’ content without using the “nsfw” tag.
  • Selling or offering to buy votes/reblogs/follows, or schemes that facilitate this.
  • Scams or Fraudulent offers.


Finally some boobs

If you like to present porn on the blockchain, there is one rule for you. Tag it as Not Safe For Work (Tag: nsfw). But before you should read the regarding note of the blockchain's government.


What are Blurt’s policies on abuse, plagiarism and spam

If you are posting plagiarized or copied content, you can get in legal trouble for violating copyright laws. International armies of lawyers are just waiting for such easy cases and we are pretty sure, Blurt will have a kind of Cheetah once. Equipped with a software-pipe to registered lawyers, feeding gas to their Porsches.

  • Plagiarized posts and spam are seen as abuse by government and will be punished on the Blurt by retreat of voting button.
  • If you are posting or using someone else’s content, or just own content already posted somwhere, you must ensure that you have the rights to use the content, and properly reference the sources where you got the material from.
  • If you abuse Blurt as cashmachine without posting own creations, there is a blacklist waiting. Any member of the blacklist is locked out from voting. What is abuse? If you don' t know what abuse is, have a look on Blurt.World Updade (PWU) 9/9/2020 Proclamation of Blacklist (PoB).



Is it okay to use random pictures from the internet

If you are using an image that is not your own, make sure you are allowed to use the image, and cite the source of the image.

Using random pictures from the internet without giving credit is discouraged. You may, however, use photos from “free image” websites such as Pexels.com or Pixabay.com. All photos on Pexels and Pixabay are free for personal and commercial use.


Where do I report a post or comment that contains plagiarism

Report it to @jacobgadikian.


Followers, Feeds, Mentions and ReBlurt

What is Reblurting

You are able fo fix another author's articles into your own blog. Comments cant be reblurted even when they show the reblurt symbol. If you do it, you will get an error message. On the head of your blog you are able to switch out foreign articles by clicking on "Hide Reblurts".


Can I share on other social media

On right side, the share Buttons.
On right side, the share Buttons.
Situation of share buttons. Detail of a posting.
Situation of share buttons. Detail of a posting.
You are welcome to share your favored Blurt links on other websites or social media. Buttons for sharing are located below every posting in a blog. Open a posting, scroll down to its end. On right side you see all buttons for to share.

You can use the share button to share on Button-share-facebook.jpg Facebook, Button-share-twitter.jpg Twitter or Button-share-reddit.jpg Reddit and Button-share-linkedin.jpg LinkedIn. Or Button-share-URL.jpg post the url. When you click to URL symbol, a menu appears. Make your choice between the HTML URL above or the Markdown URL below.

Menu of URL button.
Menu of URL button. HTML or Markdown.


How to mention, notifications

Picture of the user's menue with arrow pictures on Notifications.
Notifications in avatar's menu.

Mentions say Hello to the one, who is mentioned and guides the mentioned one to the place, where the mention happened. Notifications can tell you much more. They inform about incoming

  • Replies
  • Mentions
  • Transfers
  • Witness Votes
  • Reblurts
  • Follows

To mention an user is pretty easy:

  • Type the expression @name somewhere in your posting or comment, to mention another user.
  • To find out who mentioned you, just click on your avatar for the menue and then click Notifications.

Good practice:

  • You must not mention one user twice in a comment or article. If you have to write a name several times, just write it without @.
  • Proof of mentioned name is mandatory. If you mistype, nobody hears you or the wrong one.


Sex on Blurt

You have to pay attention. Read Jacob's statement and be noticed, you will be banned, if you post such things without the tag nsfw (not sure for work).



What is a blockchain

A blockchain is a public ledger of all transactions ever executed. All of the transactions and data are stored in a distributed database. Each time the database is updated, all of updates are done together in a batch called a 'block'. Each time a new block is produced/added, it is appended on to all of the previous blocks - hence the name "blockchain".


What is the Blurt blockchain

The Blurt blockchain is the publicly accessible distributed database, which records all posts and votes, and distributes the rewards across the network. It is where all of the text content and voting data is stored, and it is where all of the reward calculations and payouts are performed. Blurt is a fork of the blockchain Steem, forked on Block Number 43526969 on July 4th 2020.


What is the difference between Blurt and BLURT

Blurt is the name of the blockchain that stores all of the data and transactions, and processes all of the events that take place. BLURT is also a name for the system’s value token (currency). Blurt is a front end web interface (condenser) to interact with the blockchain, and view the blockchain data.


What is the Block Explorer

All transactions regarding your account are visible on blockchain. The Block Explorer shows you, what actually happens, and what happened. There are two views

  • What happens on blockchain https://blocks.blurtwallet.com/#/. This is the explorer witness page. You can see the blockchain working, and witnesses parameters. Watch the fee. Or if a block had a transaction or not. Here you can estimate, how busy your blockchain is. If there are no transactions, the machine is sleeping cause the bloggers are not busy. If the blocks are packed every 3 seconds, the chain is busy.
  • what happens regarding your account https://blocks.blurtwallet.com/#/@yourname. Here you see your own transactions, who voted you and so on. Just change the @yourname to your name.


What is Blurt different from Bitcoin

On a technical level, the two networks rely on the same model of a blockchain, but are built upon different technologies and codebase. Blurt is based on a new state-of-the-art blockchain technology called Graphene, which uses "witnesses" instead of "miners" to produce blocks.

The "delegated proof of stake" model of using witnesses instead of miners allows for greater efficiency in block production. With BTC, 100% of the new coins that are created are allocated to block producers (miners). With the Blurt blockchain, only 10% of the new coins are paid to block producers (witnesses). The other 90% of new BLURT coins are awarded to content producers, curators, and BLURT Power holders.


What is the difference between Proof of Work, Proof of Stake, and Delegated Proof of Stake

Proof of work - Miners solve a complex mathematical problem. The miner that solves the problem first adds the block to the blockchain. The network rewards the miner for doing so.

Proof of stake - Requires ownership, or stake, in the cryptocurrency. The more tokens you own, the more block creation power you have. Benefits: eliminates the need for expensive mining rigs, runs on a tiny fraction of the power, and it requires block producers to have a stake in the network.

Delegated proof of stake - Block-creating accounts, called witnesses, are collectively approved by Blurt stakeholders. Instead of relying on proof of work to find blocks, the Blurt network actively schedules these accounts to improve the time between blocks to 3 seconds.


How often does the Blurt blockchain produce a new block

The Blurt blockchain schedules witnesses to produce a new block every 3 seconds. 21 witness nodes produce 21 blocks in each 63-second round.


Is there a way to see the raw data that is stored in the blockchain

Yes. The blockchain data can be viewed in different ways with tools.


Did Blurt "pre-mine" tokens

No. Proof of work mining has been removed from Blurt.


What is the Blurt Privacy Policy

Lern aubout the Blurt's private policy on the official page.



How can I keep my Blurt account secure

Save your master password and keep it somewhere safe.

Only log into your account using the key with the appropriate permissions for what you are doing:

  • Posting Key for every day logins.
  • Active Key when necessary for transfers, power ups, etc.
  • Master password or so called Owner Key when changing the password

Again, save your master password and keep it safe! If logging in with your post key, make sure you don't overwrite or misplace your original master password.

It is not recommended to share your password or keys with any third party site. Blurt Inc. is developing a login application that can be used on third party Blurt front ends.


Why should I be careful with my master password

Keys Overview
Keys Overview

The master password is used to derive all keys for your account, including the owner key.

Calculation only works in one direction, there is no possibility to restore the master password from a private key or a private key from a public key.

Only the public keys are stored in the blockchain, so there is no way to recover your account if you lose your password and owner key!


Why is the master password a long string of gibbers

The password has to be long and random for maximum account security.


What are my different keys for

Posting key - The posting key allows accounts to post, comment, edit, vote, reBlurt, and follow or mute other accounts. Most users should be logging into Blurt every day with the posting key. You are more likely to have your password or key compromised the more you use it so a limited posting key exists to restrict the damage that a compromised account key would cause.

Active key - The active key is meant for more sensitive tasks such as transferring funds, power up/down transactions, converting Blurt Dollars, voting for witnesses, updating profile details and avatar, and placing a market order.

Memo key - The memo key is used for encrypted messages via wallettransfer.

Owner key - The owner key is only meant for use when necessary. It is the most powerful key because it can change any key of an account, including the owner key. Ideally it is meant to be stored offline, and only used to recover a compromised account.


What do I do if I lost my password/keys

There is no way to recover your account if you lose your password or owner key! Because your account has real value, it is very important that you save your master password somewhere safe where you will not lose it. You get another graphical overview in your Blurt wallet in the menue Keys & Permissions.

It is strongly recommended that you store an offline copy of your password somewhere safe in case of a hard drive failure or other calamity. Consider digital offline storage, such as an external disk or flash drive, as well as printed paper. Use a safe deposit box for best redundancy.


Are my BLURT tokens insured in the event of a hack or if someone takes over my account

No, liquid tokens can not be taken back if stolen or sent to the wrong account. If your tokens are fixed in BLURT Power, it is impossible for a hacker to take out more than 1/13 per week. If your tokens are in savings, there is a three-day wait period for them to become transferable.


What should I do if I discover that someone hacked my account

If you made your account through Blurt and it is compromised, immediately visit the Wallet and change your Keys in the menue Change Password.


How do I report a security vulnerability

Report any details to @jacobgadikian.


Is there a solution like Keychain or Steemconnect

There is a much better browser extension than Keychain or SteemConnect called WhaleVault ( for Chrome). It is a Secure Graphene Cross-Chain Key Store Extension. If you're tired of handling your 15 blockchain keys like a juggler of plates, take the browser's addon WhaleVault (for Firefox), to handle all your keys in one utility only. This helper manages all keys of Blurt, Steem and Hive in just one utility. WhaleVault – For your comfort and Security this Browser's addon does not store or send private keys on any other computer. WhaleVault secures access to ALL graphene-based chains including Whaleshares, STEEM, Smoke, Golos, Scorum, Bitshares, Peerplays, EOS, Telos, and Worbli!

More information: Read @socialgraph's words to the launch of WhaleVault. or go to whaleshares.io.


Are the Blurt blockchain and Blurt.world code open-source

Yes. Blurt is shared under The MIT Open Source Licence.

Read the licence: Licence.md


Where to find Blurt on the Box

Put your hands to the hips. Make a jump to the left


Is there a Github page for Blurt.world

Yes. The recent Blurt Code is hosted on Gitlab: The Blurt


What is available for developers interested in Blurt

@ericet says (8/26/2020):

The Steem developer portal is still the right resource if you want to write some programs but with some changes. Some of operators on the list are either disabled (claim account, create clam account,etc) or haven't implemented yet (account_update2). Also I know the blurt team is working on a REST API soon, so will be many new stuffs coming. After everything is settle down, we are starting update the developer docs.

If you want to develop on the blockchain of Blurt, take the Handbooks of Steem, until the Blurt Developer Books are on start. We colleced an amount of hints to already excisting things in our chapter developer's stuff.


How do I use cli_wallet



What are Blurt witnesses

A witness is a special blockchain node. The Blurt blockchain requires a set of people to create blocks and uses a consensus mechanism called delegated proof of stake (DPOS). The community elects 'witnesses' to act as the network's block producers and governance body. There are 20 full-time witnesses, producing a block every 63-second round. A 21st position is shared by backup witnesses, who are scheduled proportionally to the amount of voice-weighted community approval they have. Witnesses are compensated with BLURT Power for each block they create.

Blurt leverages BLURT because the founders of Blurt believe Blurt’s decentralized text content storage and governance model makes Blurt an excellent platform for supporting the long term success of its social network and digital currency tokens.


How can I vote for witnesses

Go to the Witness Page and vote for 30 witnesses (Active key is needed).


How many witnesses can I vote for

You can vote 30 witnesses. One vote – one witness. And every blogger should do it. Because the witnesses are the heart of your blockchain. They want to climb up in the list because the upper 21 are packing the most blocks. Every packed block will be payed.


How to set up a witness

Videotutorial by []

Setup a witness.

Blurt Blockchain Special

What third-party tools are there for Blurt

You will find the list of official tool's list here. Other tools are collected here.


What is the Blurt Whitepaper and what is its purpose

We collect all relevant Whitepapers here. Whitepapers describe all the mechanics of a token system that makes decentralized content incentives and distribution possible in a way that can improve web technologies across the board. Users who read the whitepaper of their blockchain will better understand how their interactions with Blockchain are working as interactions on a decentralized network. The main purpose of a whitepaper is to give information for exchanges and investors. In short words: a whitepaper shows the blockchain's mechanics.


What is the Official Front-End website to access BLURT blockchain

Answer of witness @yehey: https://blurt.blog/blurtians/@yehey/official-front-end-websites-to-access-blurt-blockchain


What to do when the blockchain doesn't work or show other malfunction

Problems with the availability of the blockchain like server error or other disturbtions can be resolved quickly. First have a look on Block Explorer, if the blockchain is on work, change the condenser (frontend). There are five frontends at the moment:

If change of front end doesn't help at all, try to select another node in the preferred API node option of the settings menu, by a click on your avatar's image. If all these activities don't help, please wait a little bit. The blockchain will surely be back as soon as possible.


Where to find Blurt on the Box

You like to run a Blurt node despite you don't know how to do it? No problem! Take the Node on the Box and you know, how to mix that drink.


Where do I find Blurt open-source codes

Go to https://gitlab.com/blurt and thanks to @yehey


How to create my own Blurt front-end website

Go to https://gitlab.com/blurt/openblurt/condenser and thanks to @yehey

Clone it on Github or download, and change it fitting your needs. Then upload it on your node on the box. If you can.

And have fun.


What is IPFS

It is the network, where Jacob Gadikian ist storing the latest public node versions. But it is much more. @agr8buzz says in his post: IPFS is short for InterPlanetary File System, it's a protocol that allows for a distributed media file sharing. The InterPlanetary File System is a peer-to-peer (P2P) hypermedia protocol designed to make the web faster, safer, and more open. An IPSF Cluster works to provide data orchestration across a swarm of IPFS daemons by creating and tracking a global pinset distributed amongst multiple peers. If we can eventually have 1,000 Raspi's out there each acting as a node sharing a global pinset that supports media files for our blockchains, that again is an incredibly decentralized solution. read more.


What a Node is

Thanks Binance Academy this question can be answered without any redundant writings. A network node is a point where a message can be created, received, or transmitted. Hereby we will discuss the different types of Bitcoin nodes: full nodes, supernodes, miner nodes, and SPV client… and we are pretty sure you will understand what a Node in the Blurt blockchain does. What you do with a node.


The Jacob Gadikian Sheets

We're showing the forbidden, red-hot document that the Hive Witnesses feared so much that they prevented its distribution at Hivefest. The sound was switched off during Jacob's lecture and a large part of the deck was not shown at all. The actors of the Hive presented themselves as was to be expected: Nasty. Among blockchain enthusiasts, these slides are also well known as The Christmas Censoring.

He was hated as @faddat on Steem, 2016 already. He is still hated on Hive until today, but Jacob is always right and telling just the truth. Because he's also a passionate blockchain visionary. Jacob Gadikian is not only a theorist, but also a hands-on developer. Although he would never claim this title for himself, he designed the blockchain in the box and thus heralded the future of the DPoS protocol. If the Hive's witnesses believe it, or not.

Jacob is an ardent blockchain visionary who wanted to propose collaboration to the Hive developers and he didn't came empty-handed. Shortly before, his experiment with the ARM Raspberry Pi-4B was successfully completed.

We prodly present the uncensored sheets of Jacob's speech on the Festin form of a self starting slide show. You can stop sliding by mouse click and hold, or rush it by just a click. The sliders menu is appearing in the corner bottom left when you move the mouse on a slide. You must not read it fast. But you should read it now here: Blurt loves You.

You want an own node or many of them because you
  • like to show queries from the Blurt chain on another website or on local site
  • want to use the whole Blurt database in a local information equipment. I.e. quick SQL queries like different statistics, etc.
  • want to start your own blockchain. Who? Individuals, communities, nerds, companies or NGOs and other content producing organisations
  • have to set up a new blockchain for a company or any other organisation
  • want to start Blurt services as a business
  • want to become a witness, just to make the chain of your investment stronger
  • like to strengthen the chain to keep it independend and decentralized
  • are an investor and like to pimp up your beloved invest
  • like to have an extravagant BLURT wallet. Take it physical away where a LAN Plug is. A Pi (your wallet) is always by your side (WLAN is possible).
  • are a Blurt lover, glad to have your beloved chain at home.
  • you like to implant new features for your community
  • you like to bring sensors and attractors to the use of the chain
  • you like to use your Pi-node as a media center as well. To provide streaming material, video calls and audiovisual meetings for your community (like zoom, Discord etc.)
  • you like to present a frontend in private CI, equipped with your software development, and your own database. Good for Communities, companies, NGOs, or other organisations
  • like to show NSFW content only, but without showing NSFW markers on any content
  • your business needs an PR attractor? For PR uses bind your coin to the BLURT. For to build company chains and to interact with special selected, customers. Like a club.
What is needed

Forget thinking about if you use Mac, Linux or Windows. All Systems have a command line interface (CLI) to interact with your Raspberry Pi-4B/ 4 or 8GB. We don't use the device as a Desktop Computer now. We need it as a network device first. Maybe in a few months we need it for communication too. But wait. At the moment, no one is building software for Blurt conference rooms. Expect this advanced development in Quater II 2021.

The Raspberry Pi-4B eill jst run in its own, independent universe, when you run a node or a witness now. From installation up to continuous operation, the Pi rarely needs you. Your operating system, the installation of the blockchain, all of this is self-extracting durinf first startup, when you swiched power on. Your Pi doesn't need to have a mouse connected, neither a screen, nor a keyboard. Just one network cable to the router or switch. End of 2020 a Raspberry node is able to drive two and more chains parallel on one Pi, or to be a witness. Both blockchains, Blurt and Whaleshares are running side by side, parallel on one Pi today.

You can watch videos on this site for introduction a Rawspberry to you, but it is not needed. All what you have to know about the Blurt node Rawspberry's usage, you will learn by doing. It's not quite much, you have to learn, because it's not quite much to do to run a Node or Witness. Watch the introduction-videos just for to know, what a Rawspberry is at all. Your Raspberry Blurt Node needs a network cable only. No other peripherals.


Blurt-Pi's Developer's and Owner's important Documents

Be aware, that development of Cryptopie is ongoing and the most of setup procedures will change. They all are part of the scaffolding process, Tendermint is actually working on Pi setup Firewall setup is included. Witness setup is included. Frontend will follow, when the FAQ Frontend Crowdfunding is running. Probably first Week of 2021.

If you run a Blurt-Pi, you will be glad to know, how to handling Docker. Witness is a Container, Frontend is a Container, and so on.


What to do
  • Buy a Blurt Pi-4B, 4 or 8 GB RAM.
  • Install balenaEtcher to flash a micro SD (min. 32 GB)


  • Download the newest Version of Megadrive-light
  • Your Pi should have an adapter to flash micro SD on a USB port. Put in the micro SD card. Push the adapter into USB Port and flash the downloaded image to the card.
  • After flashing, put the micro SD card into your Raspberry Pi. Connect to network and let it run.
  • Take place on your Mac/Win/Linux and start your CLI. You have to open a SSH network connection to get the PI's root terminal. The Pi's name is cryptopie. Call it on CLI with ssh root@cryptopie. If the OS on Pi is up and ready, the Pi Host cryptopie will answer questioning Password. root@cryptopie's password: . You type root. After you will be asked:

The authenticity of host 'cryptopie (xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx)' can't be established. ECDSA key fingerprint is SHA256:xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx. Are you sure you want to continue connecting (yes/no)? Now type yes. From now on you get the actual Pi om its literal name (cryptopie). <ref>Pay attention now and read on attentive! For coming updates you have to know as follows: After you typed yes a file is been changed. Your hidden known hosts file : .ssh/known_hosts, in your home directory has get two new lines. If you want to update Cryptopie, you have to scratch the two lines! It is mandatory to have an eye on the file. To know, which two new entries are from the old Raspberry's host software version! This is nearly the only one, you have to attend and maybe a developer will solve this pretty soon. To handle it comfortable. </ref><ref></ref>


  • YOU HAVE TO CHANGE THE PASSWORD NOW on Cryptopie's Terminal: Type passwd. Then you type in your new password and retype it to avoid typos.
  • Call the Blockchain on browser by it's address cryptopie.

Voila: A new Copy of the whole Blockchain runs in your house and will ve active updated from the Witnesses work. All the blockchains data are in this little box now. Just call 'em. The good news: Now, you are able to work with the whole unchained API. No bad news at all! Just a few easy steps to get this! You are able now, to use the whole set of Condenser API. But don't forget, to catch 500 BLURT for your hard work here and to register as a running node.

Follow the instructions for an advanced scripting overview. Can we have this work in Blurtish, please.


Your node is running. Now start to play or forget it. Maybe the time will come, and a node will be rewarded from time to time. Mining makes a lot of fun. We must not burn all these nice fees! We should use them for node miners.

What to expect
  • Graphical Frontend Tools for all, embedded in the personal frontend of your Pi.
  • Special Nodes for other Blockchain pairings as container on your Blurt Pi.
  • Blockchain Interconnections, Subchains, all on your Pi
  • and many more. The Blurt Family is asked to tell @jacobgadikian, what you want.
  • Node mining after HF0.5 instead of burning the fees.
  • The more boxes, the more decentralisation!
  • new coins from content producing economy
  • The blurtfaq.org is shipping start ready boxes for Investors soon. Ready – steady – Go! You have to do nothing, just plug it to Power and network. You will be prompted by browser during setup and when the chain is up, and first you just have to change your root password.

Be prepared! Blurt FAQ will be a prototype. Your Test Crash Dummy.


Networknodes Infrastructure

There are some of the currently known network nodes available in the Blurt ecosystem, please commit any changes to this document should you know of any nodes not listed or any of the currently listed ones ceasing to function.

Have a look on the available Networknodes.


Crowd Funding Pi Node

This is FAQ's Web Hook.