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Under Construction:

Secrets of the Markdown Editor on the Blockchain of Blurt and elsewhere.

Editor MediaWiki's Markup

MediaWiki's Markup

Wikipedia's Help Cheetsheet

This document tells a lot. Most of all.


You just do it by space. One of it in front of the line.

This is a citation. Really, just one space in the front – a quote already.

<q>This is a quote by HTML Tag.</q>


This is a quote by HTML Tag.

The blockquote tag is another chance to cite.



Text before


Text after


You can't use quotations to hide HTML Tags. They will be parsed. Even the <code> tag does not stop HTML code being parsed.


The Tables of Wikipedia

Wikipedia Tables fits for MediaWiki, for you and me.

You're in a hurry? Copy the fast Table below:

{| class="wikitable"

|+ Caption text


! Header text !! Header text !! Header text


| Example || Example || Example


| Example || Example || Example


| Example || Example || Example


The Fast Table

Caption text
Header text Header text Header text
Example Example Example
Example Example Example
Example Example Example

Some Magic Words to use in MediaWiki Editor

Recent Changes on Pages

On this special page is a controller working, links to any watched document you even call inside the document by the tab ie. on Main page history.

The Who is Who of Contributors

List of Users

By the way: If you find @chriddi on the list it means not she is actually working on the Blurt or on blurtfaq.org. Our lead student of the Proof of Brain Studies Seminar (PoBSS) is forever member of the Pond Institute for Blockchain Studies. It doesn't matter if Chriddi is here, there or everywhere. Her place is always in the middle of the Pond Institute.

How to set an URL to a special page like "history" in MW Editor or elsewhere

Easy Code to copy&paste:

[https://blurtfaq.org/index.php?title=Main_Page&action=history history]

The Attributes X and Y: [https://blurtfaq.org/index.php?title=xxxx_xxxx&action=yyyyyyyy history] X: Write page name in one word. Page name written in more words. to conduct with underscore "_". Y: history, edit, discussion

By the way: this is how you can link to every document's page discussion from elsewhere. If you change the x-attribute title or the y-attribute action you reachout to any tab of any document. In example spot on discussion of Exchanges Code: [https://blurtfaq.org/index.php?title=Exchanges&action=discussion discussion]

  • Spot on a MW's internal discussion: [https://blurtfaq.org/wiki/Talk:Main_Page Discussion] If you change the attribute title from "Main_Page" to "Whitepapers" you reachout to the history of the Page Whipepapes.

Editor Blurt Markdown